• Heroickle and the Alien Invasion
  • Aeronautickle and the Red Hornet
  • Physickle and the World Record that Never Was
  • Spherickle and the Great Snow Caper
  • Unmusickle and the Karaoke Kaper
  • Tentickle and the Bungled Burglary
  • Mathematickle and the Final Theory of Everything
  • Apocalyptickle and the End of the Stormy Season
  • Lackadaisickle and the Day the Earth Gobbled Hope
  • Zoologickle and the Wonderful World of Animals
  • Nautickle and the Wild River Ride
  • Alphabetickle and the Wonderful World of Reading
  • Biologickle and the Hidden World of Bugs
  • Cuteickle and the Curse of Beauty
  • Farcickle and his Mysterious Disappearance
  • Aquanautickle and the Undersea Shark Encounter
  • Pyrotechnickle and the Firework that went Too Far
  • Archeologickle and the Treasure Hidden in Plain View
  • Vertickle and the Tin Cup
  • Fickle and the Lost Opportunity


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