A light fog blankets the ice field, bringing visibility to near zero. How are they going to find their way back? The sled dogs seem confused in the blinding snow. Their noses are not picking up the scents to guide them home.

The Arctic wind picks up, howling across the snowfield. “Are we traveling in circles?” wonders Tropickle. Icy flakes start hitting his face as it starts snowing. A harsh wind chills Tropickle right through his fur coat.

To be lost out here is dangerous and scary. You can freeze in minutes if you stop moving and fall asleep. “Mustn’t fall asleep,” Tropickle tells himself. They press on through the white landscape, exhausted but resolute.

Will they reach safety before they freeze? This direction seems right, but what if he is leading them around in circles? Tropickle hears a faint sound, like distant barking.

It is getting closer. Tropickle turns the team towards the sound ahead. Could this be a rescue team to guide them back? It does not sound like a pack of dogs, just a single voice, barking strangely. Suddenly his friend, Stan the seal, bounds out of the fog towards him, barking in great excitement.

These and 19 other stories are included in THE ICKLES Second Helping.


The Ickles are members of a far-flung family of independent individuals, all with their own incredible stories to tell. They live in a parallel universe with nice straight edges. Their world is pretty much like our own. Messed up, but much more magical and exciting.

They experience some extraordinary adventures, get themselves into all sorts of trouble, but always come out OK. Imagine if your name told us everything about you. That’s how we recognize The Ickles in their own Ickle world.

Tropickle swaps his tropical island home in the South Seas for a getaway in the Arctic Circle, where he sets out in search of the North Pole. You’ll meet Athletickle and her Riverside Rescue Mission; Botanickle and his Talking Houseplant; Comickle, the Saddest Clown on Earth; Astronautickle and his latest Weightless Experiment in Space; and many more incredible characters with each Ickle living up to their name.

This collection of 20 quirky stories will delight readers whose appetite includes fantasy, nonsense and sci-fi themes. The Ickles Second Helping is Book Two in a series of four.

There are three more Ickles books in the Ickle pipeline, coming soon.

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